Message from the Principal Director

Mr. James Tucker

I am delighted to welcome you to the GEMS Sports Academy at the Bradenton Preparatory Academy Campus in Sports City Dubai. Our mission is to bring student athletes into a unique place of learning where both academia and athletics are treated as an equal foundation to building a successful student athlete. Our goal is also to develop student athletes to the highest levels of attainment both academically and athletically so they graduate from the GSA fully prepared for higher levels of sporting achievements such as USA colleges.

No two-student athletes are the same. At the GEMS Sports Academy we help students progress in the areas where they need the most improvement. With specialized instruction programs, low athletes to teacher/coach ratios and an encouraging learning environment every student athlete gets the level of attention required to improve their skills. Our coaching staff represent the latest thinking within the fields of strength training, speed training, mental conditioning, nutrition, communication, vision and college planning and placement, the full GSA Academy academic and coaching staff represents some of best knowledge in the region.

We welcome student athletes into the GSA from Grade 6 to 12, where students will undertake a USA high school diploma. After graduating from the Gems Sports Academy our student athletes are eligible for entry into university anywhere in the world. Our program of study is delivered through a unique blended learning provision that allows our student athletes to travel to compete in international competitions.

If you want to have the best opportunity to be fully developed as a student athlete both academically and athletically and you have ambitions of reaching the highest level of sporting achievement then we are the only school of choice.

Please do come and see us, and I look forward to welcoming you to the GEMS Sports Academy.

James Tucker
Principal Director

GEMS Sports Academy