About GEMS Sports Academy

GEMS Sports Academy is a unique place of learning for academic and athletic development for high-performing student athletes. Since we first opened in 2014, the GSA has quickly established a strong reputation within the region for developing high performing student athletes. Our student athletes have already performed at the highest levels including representing national teams, attaining world ranking status and being offered Sports scholarships to USA colleges.

At the heart of our academy, we aim to promote student centered learning that supports athletic development both physically and mentally.  Our mission is to develop young people through elite professional education and coaching, whilst embedding our ethos of healthy lifestyle and professionalism.

A Different Way of Learning

At the GEMS Sports Academy we believe by harnessing the phenomenal power of sport in combination with internationally recognised qualifications and athletic development ensures that our student athletes reach there full potential.

The Academy provides both a challenging and supportive environment that brings out the best in student-athletes. Through small class sizes, and expert instruction we encourage creativity and discussion.  Through a bepoke learning model of blended learning for USA program of study ensures that our students are able to travel to meet the demands of international competitions yet maintain the highest levels of academia.

With professional academy coaching, expert instruction, proven training methodologies, a challenging and motivating learning environment ensures the GEMS Sports Academy provides the ultimate foundation for future success.

Sports Methodology

GEMS Sports Academy provides a comprehensive range of educational programs, combining elite sports coaching with high quality academic studies. Embedded within the syllabus are a set of core skills that every professional athlete has. Our programme identifies these skills and teaches students how to transfer these skills into every day life. The result is that students are more confident in areas such as communication, leadership and self reflection. All of which are important skills for both university and employment. With high quality professional academy coaches, professional-quality facilities, cutting-edge technology and a bespoke sporting developmental programme, our student-athletes are well prepared for university.